The history of the Committee goes back to 1988 when CPD became much more widely required of members of the Professional Institutions and, there arose a need, due to the geographical nature of the Highlands, for a co - ordinated approach to create CPD opportunities.

The foresight of the founding of the Committee was due to the late Professor James Attwood, OBE, MSc, FCIOB, Dip Tech Ed, who in 1988 brought together 8 of the Professional Institutions in Construction and, together the CPD in Construction Committee was formed.

The Committee's prime remit is to co - ordinate the events of all its member Institutions and to issue a joint events programme to allow over 2000 members of the various Institutions ready access to more than 100 CPD events held each year across the Highland area.

CPD Plaques

During the formative years of the Committee (1990 - 1992) several plaques (5) were erected in Inverness as a result of research carried out by Professor Attwood, to commemorate distinguished people connected with the Construction of buildings and works of Civil Engineering Construction in Inverness in the Highland area.

The following images and information are taken from Professor Attwood's records.

1. Sir Murdoch MacDonald

Sir Murdoch MacDonald (1866 - 1957) was a pupil of Farraline Park School and was the founder of Sir M. MacDonald and Partners, Consulting Engineers, (now Mott MacDonald). Sir Murdoch was connected to the Aswan Dam in Egypt and served Inverness as a Member of Parliament from 1922 until 1950.

Farraline Park School  (now Library)

The Plaque at Farraline Park was erected on 21st August 1990.

2. Dr Alexander Ross, FRIAS., PPIAA.

Dr Alexander Ross (1834 - 1925 was the Architect of St Andrew's Cathedral and The Bishop's Palace and, also of Ardross, Duncraig and Skibo Castles, he also served Inverness as Provost from 1889 - 1895.

Inverness Cathedral

Inverness Cathedral

Inverness Cathedral Plaque

The Plaque at Farraline Park was erected on 21st August 1990.

3. Murdoch Paterson

Murdoch Paterson (1826 - 1898) was a Railway Civil Engineer who took over the design and construction of the Highland Railway from Joseph Mitchell. He was responsible for the Findhorn and Nairn Viaducts and a number of lines North, South, East and West of Inverness.

Scotrail Inverness

Scotrail Inverness.

An older plaque on Waterloo bridge in over the River Ness referring to Murdoch Paterson, Alexander Ross and Rose Street Foundry (AI Welders).

The Murdoch Paterson Plaque

The Murdoch Paterson Plaque alongside main plaque within Inverness Station.

4. Joseph Mitchell, FRSE, FGS, MICE.

Joseph Mitchell (1803 - 1883) was a Mason, Civil and Railway Engineer and Superintendent and Engineer of Highland roads and bridges. He was also an author and wrote 'Reminiscences of my Life in the Highlands".

This well known Inverness landmark - "Viewhill" on Old Edinburgh Road was the former residence of Joseph Mitchell. The Building is scheduled for redevelopment and discussions have taken place with the Developers Agents to have the plaque mounted within the new building. The plaque is at present in the care of Inverness Surveyors, Souter and Jaffrey.

"Viewhill" on Old Edinburgh Road
Joseph Mitchell Plaque

The Joseph Mitchell Plaque was erected on 6th December 1990.

5. Samuel Hunter Gordon

Samuel Hunter Gordon (1878 - 1959) was for 50 years the Managing Director of the Rose Street Foundry which became know later as AI Welders.  During World War II he was responsible for the design and construction of machines  which employed a welding process which proved invaluable in production of components for Spitfire's and for the "Pipeline under the Sea" better known as Pluto, which was key to the fuel supply during the Normandy Landings following D-Day.

Samuel Gordon Hunter

Samuel Gordon Hunter.

The plaque mounted on the corner of Rose St and Academy St.

The plaque mounted on the corner of Rose St and Academy St.

AI Welders Plaque

The plaque was erected on 24th March 1992.

The former AI Welders office in Academy Street.

The former AI Welders office in Academy Street.